Artist Resume

2019-20 ~Redevelopment of whirligig ‘Chinook-a-tron’.

~Metal sculpture for Dr. Harold Elke.

2018 ~Metal wall sculpture for retired University of Lethbridge president Howard Tenant.

2017 ~Selected to do a proposed mural for High River, AB in a nation wide competition. Title: High River Jubilation

2014 ~Completed the Comparative Historical Timeline Scrolls.

~Designed four Black Wolf subdivision entrance statues.

2013 ~Created fiberglass horse with real mane and tail, Galt Museum exhibit.

2012 ~Design for a comparative historical timeline mural for Galt Museum.

~Designed and fabricated war memorabilia cabinets and scale models for

private collector

  1. ~Kinetic and static sculptures, developing a human powered rotocasting machine, paintings.

2010 ~Completed the dental clinic statue.

~Awarded the ACACA masters category in painting for the southern zone.

~Galt Museum exhibit of early 20th century airmen and aircraft.

2009 ~Completed the workshop/studio.

~Commission of statue for Integrity Dental Clinic.

  1. ~Designed and build painter/sculptor workshop/studio.

~Engineering kinetic sculptures.

2007 ~Commission for more kinetic wind sculptures from Lethbridge BRZ

  1. ~Design and execution of mural for the Galt Museum main room.

Also antique signage and faux treatment of buildings for museum.

~Mould making for Gyrocaster.

~Welded sculptures.

~Installation of Wranglin’ Willie and the Windeater.

2005 ~’Wranglin’ Willie and the Windeater’ kinetic sculpture for BRZ.

~Sculptural projects for Dr. Elke.

~Manifestation of the ‘Gyrocaster’ a rotocasting machine.

~Display work for the UFA.

~Paintings for Dr. Gibb office waiting room.

  1. ~Illustrations for YWCA mural.

~Invention of the ‘Gyrocaster’ a rotocasting machine made for creating hollow bodied sculptures.

~Experimentations in wind driven kinetic sculptures.

  1. ~Research and developments in wind driven kinetic sculptures.

~Display work for Ft. Whoop-up

~Designed artwork for helicopter body for Dr. Elke.

2002 ~Designs for the exterior artwork of helicopters.

~Designed and painted two murals for downtown Lethbridge. (15×30 & 13X45ft.)

~Design and build wind driven kinetic sculptures.

~Mural for Treats Eatery in Lethbridge.

~Display for Galt #8 Historical Site Society.

2001 ~Dog exhibits for Park Place Mall

~Dayglow mural (eighty foot length) Oilmans Club dance floor in Taber, AB.

  1. ~Four shoe vignette exhibits for Park Place Mall, Lethbridge, AB.

~Satirical piggy bank exhibition at Lethbridge Public Library.

~Coalmining exhibit for Park Place Mall. Mall won international award for Christmas season marketing and promotion, artwork was part of this.

1999 ~Designed and built all exhibits at Fort Whoop-Up Interpretive Centre, L ethbridge,AB.

~four Christmas season vignette exhibits for Park Place Mall in Lethbridge.

~ Designed and produced 400 limited edition metal medallions

~Computer reworking of original Fort Whoop-Up photo.

1998 ~Buffalo dioramic mural with sculptured platform merging into it for Fort Whoop-Up Interpretative Centre, Lethbridge.

~Third construction hoarding mural for Vancouver International Airport (Domestic Terminal).

~Group show Medicine Hat Cultural Centre.

~ Six large paintings for the Oilmen’s Club in Taber, AB.

1997 ~One-man art exhibition at Burnaby Arts Council

~Two construction hoarding murals for Vancouver International Airport (Domestic Terminal).

~Artworks featured in 35mm horror movie “Alice’s House” produced and directed by Paul Miller.

1997 ~Represented by Webster Gallery in Calgary, AB.

1996 ~Mural for Qualex in Whistler, B.C.

~Mural for warehouse condominiums in New Westminster. B.C.

~Dealer representation by Octavia Gallery, Vancouver, B.C.

1995 ~One-man art exhibition at New Westminster Art Gallery in the Park.

1994 ~Mural for construction hoarding for Kingswood Estates, Development Vancouver, B.C.

~Murals for Immaculate Heart Day-care Centre, Coquitlam, B.C.

~Dealer representation by Harrison Galleries, Vancouver, B.C.

1993 ~Murals for Command H.Q. in Coquitlam, B.C. and Marion’s Furniture in Vancouver, B.C.

~One-man show at Richmond Art Gallery.

1992 ~Murals for Command H.Q. in Maple Ridge, B.C. and Regina, Saskatchewan.

~Represented by Whistler Village Art Gallery in Whistler,B.C.

1991 ~Satirical ceramic piggy bank series (limited edition).

~Painted major murals for Longhorn Saloon, Whistler B.C., Ocean Spray Cranberry television commercial and entire room murals for Command H.Q., in Langley, B.C. and Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

1990 ~Group show and a one-man show at the Harrington Galleries in Vancouver, B.C.

~Represented Vancouver at the Festival of B.C. Arts juried exhibition in Victoria, B.C.

1989 ~B.C. Artists at the Square’89 – 6th annual juried exhibition, sponsored by the Robson Square Media Centre, Vancouver, B.C.

1985-‘86 ~Represented by Westlands Gallery in Calgary, AB.

1985 ~One-man show at the Lone Coyote Gallery in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan.

~One-man show at Gallery Cate in Ft. MacLoed, AB.

1983-‘84 ~Represented by W.R. Mitchell & Associates Gallery in Calgary AB.

1981 ~First one-man show at the Bowman Art Centre in Lethbridge.

1979 ~Worked as an illustrator at the Great Pacific Northwest Art Company in Vancouver

1975 ~Graduated from the University of Lethbridge, Alberta.


Murals and sculptures throughout Western Canada

* Richmond Municipal Art Gallery, Richmond, B.C.

* Alberta Art Foundation, Edmonton, Alberta.

* Canadian Utilities Ltd., Edmonton, Alberta.

* Foothills Hospital, Calgary, Alberta.

* University of Alberta Hospital, Edmonton, Alberta.

* Bow Valley Square, Calgary, Alberta.

* Sir Alexander Galt Museum, Lethbridge, Alberta.

* Mayor’s David Carpenter’s collection, Lethbridge City Hall.

* Private Collections throughout Western Canada, California, Hawaii, and Hong Kong.

* Satirical piggy bank in the estate of Pierre Trudeau.

Since 1975 commercial art endeavours have embraced numerous directions: murals; silk screening; speciality signage; metal working conventional illustrations and computer graphics; photography; multi-media sculpture; design and display artwork for museums (Galt Museum, Helen Schuler Nature Centre, and Fort Whoop-Up); model building for engineering firms -U.M.A. Engineering (Lethbridge), Gisborne Design (Burnaby, B.C.), and Universal Pictures (Bird on a Wire); and various art projects for the motion picture and television industries. Was also an instructor at Mount Royal College in Calgary, for five semesters, teaching airbrush technology.